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Nonemergent calls to police and fire are irritating but necessary

Scene: Mid-90s. Swing shift patrol. Northeast Tacoma. 

Action: Day 1 – Police officer drives around in circles for hours. No calls. He pulls into the fire station and eats his lunch with similarly bored firefighters. Goes home. Day 2 – Repeat.

While this scenario was largely true back in the day, it is no longer. Shrinking budgets and an increase in service calls keep most first responders hopping day and night. But hopping to what?

According to Adam Lynn’s excellent piece in Sunday’s TNT, many of those calls – at least for the Tacoma Fire Department –

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911 is broken, just not everywhere

Third in a series inspired by readers’ requests

“Nothing is certain in this world but death and taxes.”  Benjamin Franklin

As an inventor, journalist, diplomat and turkey-lover, Mr. Franklin was quite the Renaissance man. Though he is currently more occupied with the former condition (death), I doubt he would be greatly surprised at the current discussion regarding an increase in the latter–more specifically, the proposed sales tax vote to cover a new 911 system.

With apologies to Ben, there should never be certainty about an increase in taxes. Any measure that provides the government with deeper access to our collective wallets should be properly vetted and justifiably explained.

In the case of the new South Sound 911 tax proposal, at least one question remains.

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