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A lapsed Catholic takes a new look at the church

This is a column about the recent installation of Pope Francis as the head of a billion Roman Catholics. While it does not relate to the normal police-related topics of Blue Byline, it was too intriguing to pass up. 

As some people have pointed out to me in the past, I am a bit of a stereotype. Son of an Irish immigrant, Catholic by default and a cop by choice, I’ll admit my life does sound like a cliche.

That includes a typical Catholic education which started the first day of kindergarten, when my mom dropped me off with Sister

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Of victims, vigilantes and vendettas

In the last few weeks there has been a disturbing repetition of vigilante justice aimed at sex offenders. In some cases, including the Port Angeles man who killed two registered sex offenders because “it had to be done,” it was vigilante justice. In Shiner, Texas, a rancher killed a man he alleged was molesting his daughter. The sheriff refused to arrest the father and the grand jury concurred.

I previously wrote on both incidents, arguing that the justice system has no need for vigilante executions. It does, however, have a strong need for people willing to step forward and protect

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