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Voter ID legislation requires a carrot not a stick

Chances are good that the first words most people will hear when meeting a police officer will be, “Identification, please.” There are many reasons for this requirement, including the need to protect the officer’s safety or to locate wanted subjects, to name but two. Likewise, there are also a number of reasons why proper credentials are essential for legitimate business and government functions.

One might think that legislation mandating proper identification would be a protective measure easily embraced by everyone. However, when said mandate has political strings attached, one would be wrong. The political strings attached to 

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Blocking out the rhetoric of hate and fear

A young man is fatally shot and his killer goes free. This may be the story of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, but it is only the latest incarnation of an oft replicated theme.

In 2009, a local gang member shot and killed a young man, and I was dispatched to the initial call. During the investigation I learned that the gang member instigated a fight with the victim before he resorting to the cowardly act of shooting him. He fled on foot, but was soon caught and arrested. To my utter dismay, he was released without charges and remains free to

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