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Dealing with the predators among us

First in a series on sex offenders.

After several knocks on the front door, a lean man in his 20s opened it and squinted at us through thick glasses.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“It’s the police.” My partner answered.

The man shrugged, sighed and opened the door. We walked past him into the stale-smelling studio unit and saw a young lady sitting on a sofa with a small child on her lap. I looked down at the sex offender bulletin in my hand. Front and center was a picture of the now very guilty looking man with glasses. I

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Media chose the wrong Penn State story

Several years ago I was sitting quietly in a training class, listening to the instructor discuss the psyche of sex offenders. The lecturer, a psychiatrist at a state penitentiary, led a discussion that became an abhorrent descent into the mind of a pedophile.

At its completion it left me distraught. As contemptible as this topic was, it should have been required instruction for any journalist who took allegations of a serial child rapist and warped it into “Joe Paterno’s Sex Scandal.”

That media frenzy has long-since eclipsed reports of child rape involving Penn

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