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May Day riot and police response: an assessment

The First Amendment got a workout in Seattle last Wednesday. So did the Seattle Police Department.

The May Day protests, billed as the annual march for immigration reform, was again infiltrated by criminals. These so-called anarchists are not the type to quote passages from Rousseau’s Englightenment or espouse true social justice, because they are too busy auditioning for an appearance in a “Jackass” movie.

Seattle has seen their kind numerous times, including the WTO protests and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Unfortunately, the Emerald City is centrally located turf for idiots who throw rocks and bottles, then dart back in to

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Alleged killer’s privileges deplorable but (for now) defensible

Christopher Monfort is getting a television.

That simple and innocuous statement has sparked an outrage. If you are unfamiliar with the name and the context, or have trouble recalling, let me fill in the blanks.

November 6, 2009 was a cold, dry day. I remember parking my car and walking through a brisk wind as my path began crossing with a growing number of police officers. In tens, hundreds and then thousands, we filed en masse into the Key Arena for the memorial service of a Seattle police officer by the name of Timothy Brenton.

Just a few days prior, Brenton

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“Cops Behaving Badly” – the Bellevue episode

The scene: CenturyLink Field during the first quarter of last Sunday’s Seahawks game.

The characters: One Seattle police officer directing traffic; a Seahawks fan and his 12-year-old son; several allegedly drunk and obnoxious off-duty Bellevue police officers.

Welcome to another round of “Cops Behaving Badly.”

Let’s bring you up to speed on an incident which has sparked heated debate in Seattle and put the Bellevue Police Department under the media microscope. An article in The Seattle Times (9/21) gives this account:

Three drunk off-duty Bellevue police officers enter the Seahawks game following an altercation with

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Modern day anarchists short on message, long on destruction

Over the last several hundred years, while repressive monarchs, dictators and fascist governments terrorized their citizens, anarchists were often the lone voice demanding change. It is not hard to picture them as folk heroes, especially when their foes were communists in the Soviet Union or the Nazis in Germany.

Fast forward to the present, from the WTO riots in 1999 to the Mayday debacle last Tuesday, and one is left with the inescapable conclusion: Anarchy ain’t what it used to be.

The modern day anarchist presents the image of a jack-booted thug, dressed in

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Answering the SPD question

Over the last few weeks several people have asked me pointed questions about what they perceive as a disturbing phenomenon in Seattle. The issue they were pondering was what, exactly, is going on with the Seattle Police Department.

In the last year or more SPD has been the target of an ongoing series of allegations involving excessive force and unprofessional behavior by rank and file officers. These incidents, most of which have been captured by cell phone video cameras, have drawn the attention of department critics, the media, and more recently, federal investigators at the Department of Justice.

These factors

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