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Being a ‘Hawks fan is the easiest thing in the world

(Note: After hours of staring at a blank screen, I gave up trying to write a public safety related column this week. If you’re not a Seahawks fan, please be patient. I’ll get back on track after the ‘Hawks big win on Sunday.)

When the ‘Hawks pulled out an amazing win against the ’49ers almost two weeks ago, I was watching from my sister’s home in San Francisco. It was a planned family trip back to my hometown which just happened to coincide with the newest, biggest sports rivalry on the West Coast.

It was, in a word, uncomfortable. That’s

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The blowback of self-promotion

I was watching my ‘49ers fumble away their playoff hopes when my nacho-soaked brain made a strange connection. It was the moment when, following the second of two glorious touchdown catches, tight end Vernon Davis jumped on a podium, posed for the adoration of his fans, and promptly earned his team a penalty.

This banal example of self-promotion reminded me of an AP article in Sunday’s Trib. It was a report on yet another disturbing trend: people posting videos of their criminal acts on social networks and sites such as Youtube.

I’ll admit

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