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When it comes to deadly force, there is no home base

Every now and then someone will decide I need to be informed about a particular legal loophole or fact that I somehow missed during my police career. While I am always eager to learn, I usually find myself inserting mental air quotes around such “facts.”

For instance, did you know that if you put a penny in your mouth you can defeat a breathalyzer?

Yes, I’ve heard about that. Piece of advice, though- when you get popped for your DUI and are directed to empty the contents of your mouth, call Mary at the public defender’s office. She’s cranky at 2AM, but very nice in court. And tell her I said hello.

Despite almost rupturing my eyeball from excessive eye-rolling everytime I hear this myth, it’s not too dangerous.

But then there’s this one: Did you know that if there’s a trespasser in your house you can shoot him?

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