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Rob McKenna: a non-partisan endorsement

In my former police department the television in the break room, like the police officers themselves, worked 24/7. Sporting events, sitcoms, even nature shows were acceptable programming, but when someone switched over to one of those loud political commentary channels (MSNBC, Fox News, take your pick) I headed for the door.

It’s not that I don’t care about politics. The problem is that when we restrict ourselves by partisanship – red or blue, conservative or liberal –  our voting choices become too narrow, too divisive. Selecting a candidate by the qualifier (R) or (D) is also no guarantee that the

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Voter ID legislation requires a carrot not a stick

Chances are good that the first words most people will hear when meeting a police officer will be, “Identification, please.” There are many reasons for this requirement, including the need to protect the officer’s safety or to locate wanted subjects, to name but two. Likewise, there are also a number of reasons why proper credentials are essential for legitimate business and government functions.

One might think that legislation mandating proper identification would be a protective measure easily embraced by everyone. However, when said mandate has political strings attached, one would be wrong. The political strings attached to 

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Policy trumps compassion in Akin’s reality

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” – U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo.

When someone screws up at the cop shop the general notion is that it was his or her turn in the barrel. Left unsaid is whether or not the barrel and its occupant will survive the trip over the falls. Today that is a “legitimate” question for one Todd Akin, a conservative congressman from Missouri.

Akin’s scandalous comments (excerpted from Eugene Robinson’s column) are now at the forefront in his bid to

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AG’s stance on human trafficking is spot on

On a warm evening a few weeks ago my partner and I were sitting in an unmarked car along Highway 99 near Seatac. From our vantage point we watched several young women walking the sidewalk, waving at passing cars and occasionally hopping in next to a male driver.

By all accounts, the sex trade on Highway 99 continues in much the same way since the Green River Killer stalked the strip’s most vulnerable prostitutes 25 years ago. With one exception.

Milling around the entrance to a fast food restaurant across the street were more than a dozen young men wearing

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