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Military should stick to war, leave crime to cops

Humble and contrite are two words one would not normally connect with the four star generals and admirals who lead our nation’s military. However, it was an apt description for the military’s power brokers last Tuesday during a congressional hearing on the prevalence of sexual assaults in the U.S. armed forces.

It was a rare dressing down for the Joint Chiefs, but it was deserved. The Pentagon’s unswerving devotion to the old adage, “It’s the way we’ve always done it” is at least partly to blame for the epidemic of rapes and other sexual assaults in the world’s most powerful

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Dealing with the predators among us

First in a series on sex offenders.

After several knocks on the front door, a lean man in his 20s opened it and squinted at us through thick glasses.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“It’s the police.” My partner answered.

The man shrugged, sighed and opened the door. We walked past him into the stale-smelling studio unit and saw a young lady sitting on a sofa with a small child on her lap. I looked down at the sex offender bulletin in my hand. Front and center was a picture of the now very guilty looking man with glasses. I

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When the price of leniency is innocent blood

First in a three part series on balancing civil rights and public safety.

Nine years ago a serial rapist by the name of Curtis Thompson was released from prison after serving a seventeen year sentence. With the aid of a defense expert, who testified that Thompson’s violent history was insufficient to label him a sexual sadist, Thompson was given unprecedented leniency. Bypassing the routine civil commitment and incarceration meted out to sexual predators, Thompson was released back into the community.

Of course, that’s where the story gets even worse.

Thompson moved back home to his mother’s house in Northgate and

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