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IRS debacle was taxpayer profiling, not partisan witch hunt

If baseball, hot dogs and apple pie represent the warm and fuzzy side of American culture, the Internal Revenue Service must be the cold, prickly side.

With all due respect to the nation’s tax collection agency, how we love to loathe it.

Consider the national outrage stemming from the IRS’ recent admission that taxpayers who made reference to terms like “tea party” and “patriot” were singled out for auditing.

Those hoping such a powerful enforcement arm of government would be mindful of taxpayers’ rights should pay attention to the agency’s indifferent response to public outcry – little more than an

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Sheriff Arpaio throws his credibility out the birther window

First there was the pink underwear worn by jail inmates. Next came the tent cities, erected at a fraction of the cost of traditional brick and mortar jails. Finally, there were the chain gangs, a throwback to the days when the lives of inmates included hard labor, rather than weight lifting and television privileges.

Through it all there was Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the elected sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, who defended his regressive measures by proclaiming (correctly) that our troops in Iraq were facing similar conditions while under the threat of a war zone. In other words, stop whining.


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Fast and Furious scandal is much ado about the wrong thing

There is simply no denying that the import-export strategy adopted by Mexico’s uber violent drug cartels (and supported by gangs and assorted criminals in the U.S.) is a recession proof business model: Drugs flow north – guns flow south.

The vast fortunes generated by drug sales have created an alternate reality in Mexico, where a war is being fought against the naked greed of drug trafficking organizations (DTOs). The human cost is staggering: according to an LA Times report 34,000 people have died in the five years since military operations began targeting DTOs.

That statistic fails to account for the bloodthirsty

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Lack of leadership may be the Service’s secret

Back in 1996 I had an opportunity to work alongside the U.S. Secret Service’s presidential security detail. Bill Clinton was scheduled to speak at the T-dome and a “jump team” flew out to brief the police officers assigned to assist. My partner, a young agent with the Secret Service, and I spent hours on our feet facing out towards any possible threat.

Despite my impression that the event was an exercise in organized chaos, Clinton’s appearance went off without a hitch. After a stressful day, the presidential detail and the local cops shared some good times before they caught a

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