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Alleged killer’s privileges deplorable but (for now) defensible

Christopher Monfort is getting a television.

That simple and innocuous statement has sparked an outrage. If you are unfamiliar with the name and the context, or have trouble recalling, let me fill in the blanks.

November 6, 2009 was a cold, dry day. I remember parking my car and walking through a brisk wind as my path began crossing with a growing number of police officers. In tens, hundreds and then thousands, we filed en masse into the Key Arena for the memorial service of a Seattle police officer by the name of Timothy Brenton.

Just a few days prior, Brenton

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A little good news from the beat

Sometimes scanning the news can be a real drag. Trauma, death and scandal seem to be the only competitors for the front page, leaving us to continually wonder why the big news is usually bad news.

It is a disturbing question that may say less about the media and more about us, the media consumers.

That fact is especially true if your daily bread is criminal justice. Incidents involving the police or the actions of specific officers are the type of news stories that usually land a spot on the front page and fester there for days.

So when three

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Miami shooting has errors on both sides of the police tape

Like most work environments, law enforcement has its share of recurring circumstances. And like other careers, most veterans develop a sense of “how things should go.” I suppose that’s called experience. 

That’s what came to mind as I watched the video of a Memorial Day Weekend shooting during a raucous night in Miami Beach. If you failed to see the footage, aired on National News, it went as follows:A car runs a stop sign and officers attempt to pull it over; the driver strikes one officer with his car, nearly hits four others and continues driving erratically. When the vehicle stops, police surround the vehicle and shots are fired. The driver dies.

The focus of the national coverage was clearly the police actions, both the fact that numerous officers had surrounded the car and simultaneously unloaded a barrage from less than 20 feet away and that angry officers had taken away cell phones. Okay, I get that. Those questions deserve answering.

But what does it say about the media when the reporter seems to gloss over the fact that the driver, Raymond Herisse, had just ran over a cop, almost hit four others, and had a gun in the car? I believe I mentioned the lack of trust between cops and reporters in a previous column–this is a prime example.

Based on my experience, I think much of the actions of the cops speaks for itself.

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