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Are Detroit’s retired first responders too small to save?

As the stock market continues to fill the pockets of hedge fund managers and CEO’s, the echoes of 2008 are fading from memory. The litany of “too big to fail,” it would seem, has served its purpose.

Two of the few legitimate successes from the TARP bailout are Detroit’s General Motors and Chrysler, both of which have repaid their respective loans of $13.4 and $4 billion and survived the Great Recession intact.

How ironic that the Motor City, which nurtured these economic giants throughout much of the last century, has itself failed.

Last Tuesday in federal court, Judge Steven W.

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Where criminal justice is a misnomer

Over the years police officers listen to an endless string of complaints about poor police conduct from “dissatisfied customers.” While a tiny fraction may be justified, the vast majority of these allegations have no merit.

Too many countries, however, cannot make a similar claim. In the Middle East Egyptian police are implicated in the rapes and murderous rampages which occurred during the Arab Spring protests, while the fledgling Afghanistan force has been rocked by infiltration and fratricide since its inception. The world is filled with similar examples.

Closer to home, Mexican law enforcement has a reputation for corruption second to

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2011 a great year for crime stats, with one ugly exception

Closing out a year would not be complete without the traditional avalanche of news articles that attempt to wrap up our collective yearly experiences into a nifty little gift bag. Sucker that I am for tradition, I spent much of the waning hours of 2011 reflecting on the trends and stats of our most recent spin around the sun.

And I found a paradox.

An insightful column in the Trib, written by the Washington Post’s Charles Lane, highlights the national crime rate’s plunge over the last 20 years. I appreciated his nod to this phenomenon, both for the rare bit

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