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Regional incarceration should be treated as a business, not a game

We live in a society of specialization. Look around and you will see niche businesses that employ experts in fields that did not exist a generation ago. With all of that expertise, you might expect that massively expensive public programs are being administered by professionals specifically trained for the task.

Of course I’m joking. Public projects are all too often managed by people (i.e. government officials) who have little or no training for the job.

On the national level, the Affordable Care Act website is a classic example. The site’s epic failure to launch can be attributed to the toxic interference

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Feud over jail budget years in the making

These days it is next to impossible to follow the news without getting a daily injection of political invective. There is a new reality in the halls of federal and state power –  acrimony has replaced compromise, consensus across the aisle is a distant memory and fingerpointing is the new national pastime.

Judging by recent events, one could assume that Pierce County officials have fallen into this same trap.

I refer to the Pierce County Council’s upcoming vote on a plan to furlough sixteen jail deputies. The debate comes after a wave of budgetary woes – the Great Recession, a

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