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Public access to overdose medication gives users a second chance

Through the doorway I heard the sound of a woman screaming. I ran inside, breathing through my mouth to keep from gagging on the stench that permeated the apartment. In the living room, on a soiled couch, lay a young man with a purple face, unblinking eyes and a chest that neither rose nor fell.

Fortunately, my partner and I had arrived a mere second ahead of the paramedics who quickly shoved us aside. They opened their medical kits while having a muted conversation. I picked up the words, “Already dead,” and “Let’s try it anyway.” Then one of them

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Heroin: What was old is new again

Driving through downtown Tacoma I sometimes revert to old guy mode, as in “I remember when that building used to be a cave.” I love looking at both the new and remodeled structures, especially when I recall how bad it used to look in the mid-90’s when I worked in a street crime unit downtown.

I was reminded of some of those old streets and structures when I read a Trib story about the reemergence of heroin.

The word heroin conjures up memories of the 1500 block of S. Commerce St., former home of both the Nativity House and Rescue Mission, a soup kitchen and shelter respectively. Their altruistic presence was daily perverted by the drug dealers and users that made the sidewalk in front the largest open air heroin market in the region. That spot is now the location of the beautiful Hotel Murano and a gathering spot for business people and travelers instead.

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