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Rescuers are case study in courage, compassion

The cloud was orange. It lifted above the cranes and smokestacks, a giant toxic mushroom lit from within by the industrial halogen beams emanating from the Port of Tacoma’s sprawling terminals.

The location of the spill itself was hidden inside the opaque orange mass settling gently over a large portion of the rail yard. As I headed towards the site, I passed a stream of semis and smaller trucks moving steadily away. I also passed several groups of Tacoma firefighters, all of them donning HAZMAT suits alongside their fire trucks. A lone firefighter wearing an oxygen mask waved my patrol car along, past

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Lost aircraft, devastating mudslide a reminder of the limits of human endeavor

Your basic modern human lives in a world of his own creation. With the Internet and big box stores, virtually any product is within reach. The answer to nearly every conceivable question requires little more than a few taps on a smartphone. With modern transportation, nearly any part of the globe is accessible within a day.

We control our world, or so our hubris would have us believe. My gawd, are we stupid.

All it took was the loss of a single aircraft, Malaysian Flight 370 to be specific, for many of us to question our

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