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Is America even interested in breaking the cycle of gun violence?

As Apple rolled out its new iPhone and Tacoma employees learned that flip-flops were not proper work attire (who knew?), gunshots and explosions took scores of lives in some of the world’s most violent places.

Africa: Alleged al-Shabab terrorists used explosives and gunfire to kill as many as 62 people in a Kenyan shopping mall on Saturday, an incident that has yet to conclude (TNT 9/23).

Iraq: News reports indicate 120 people were killed in several explosions in Baghdad last week (TNT 9/22) in the latest round of sectarian violence.

Pakistan: Two suicide

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After months of conflict, a day of peace

Consider the many events and issues that pushed us all apart during the last few months: a presidential election; several polarizing votes on such measures as gay marriage and legalized marijuana, to name but two; a grinding foreign war that no one would have imagined we’d still be waging more than ten years later; the random killing of innocents that sparked an ongoing verbal slugfest on gun control.

How would one describe this contentious period? As a hockey player, the only metaphor that fits is a benches-clearing brawl.

Ironically, this became more evident while

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