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Could legalized marijuana increase cartel profits, violence?

In the realm of unintended consequences, irony rules supreme.

Take legalized marijuana for instance. It has generally been assumed that the profits from legalization, now a reality in Colorado as well as Washington, would come at the expense of the violent drug trafficking organizations operating in North and Central America. According to Mexican President Felipe Calderon, that may not be the case.

After a recent meeting with leaders from Honduras, Costa Rica and Belize, Calderon and representatives of President-Elect Enrique Pena Nieto spoke at length about the potential implications of legalized pot (Trib 11/12). To paraphrase the politico-speak,

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Meth capital or not, we still seem to like it

Does anybody remember when Pierce County was the center of the methamphetamine universe?

Almost twenty years ago our humble county was the capital of meth production and the tweaker nation. Back then, stumbling across a meth lab was almost a daily occurrence. The locations also varied, from houses, apartments, mobile homes, trailers, rental spaces or the trunks of cars. Regardless of the place, the smell was always the same – a mix of kitty litter and fuel oil – and it usually preceded the first sighting of a test tube or glass beaker.

Given the volatility of the chemicals found in meth

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