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“New” overdose drug will save lives on the street

As I stood over the prone body of a man, his pale face relaxed as if in sleep, I wondered what his last thoughts had been.

Had he thought of his family? Perhaps a girlfriend or wife? Or had his only thought been for the heroin seeping into his vein, taking him away from all such concerns and killing him so swiftly that the needle was still embedded in his cold, lifeless arm?

More important, what if the medics had arrived in time to administer the drug that could have saved his life? Of course it is impossible to say what

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Public access to overdose medication gives users a second chance

Through the doorway I heard the sound of a woman screaming. I ran inside, breathing through my mouth to keep from gagging on the stench that permeated the apartment. In the living room, on a soiled couch, lay a young man with a purple face, unblinking eyes and a chest that neither rose nor fell.

Fortunately, my partner and I had arrived a mere second ahead of the paramedics who quickly shoved us aside. They opened their medical kits while having a muted conversation. I picked up the words, “Already dead,” and “Let’s try it anyway.” Then one of them

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