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Trying out a novel idea

About eleven years ago I submitted my first guest column to the TNT. The topic was my short tenure as a stay-at-home dad, a guy trapped in a world built for mommies. The piece was lightly humorous at best, but at least it provided some return on my dusty ol’ English degree.

Back then my writing was low brow – I had a penchant for words like “gazillion” and “wedgie” – and my prose demonstrated little appreciation for the subtleties of writing.

Now, like many people who dive into a new profession, I am still probing the vast depths of

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Governor’s blanket reprieve a debatable decision

Back in my teen years a friend brought over a VHS tape with the invitingly lurid title, “Faces of Death.” The video was a compilation of footage depicting the various and inhuman ways we humans kill one another. Being young and curious, we watched it.

Though images from that video still haunt me, the scene that cost me the most sleep was an execution. I can still picture the electric chair and the way the man’s limbs flex as the jolts from ol’ Sparky hit him. Drool spills from his mouth, every muscle spasms and blood seeps out beneath the

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Guilty verdict takes a cold-blooded killer off the street

At age 16, Kimmie Daily had debilitating physical disabilities and the cognitive skills of a ten-year-old. She was an innocent.

On August 17, 2010, in one of the most reprehensible crimes this area has seen in years, Daily was raped and murdered. Last Tuesday, barely a week before Christmas, a Pierce County jury convicted Tyler Savage of Murder first degree in Daily’s death (TNT 12/17).

As Christmas tales go, the details brought up during Savage’s trial are reminiscent of the biblical story of the male infants put to the sword by a superstitious and jealous King Herod.

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Meth is still out there, still lethal

I remember walking through knee-length grass, trying to avoid sharp metal objects scattered around the yard. As  I approached to knock on the door of the dilapidated trailer, I almost gagged on the noxious odor spewing out.

It was either the stench of a hundred cats urinating at the same time or else it was a meth lab. Of course it was a meth lab.

That was in a different era, the mid-90s when methamphetamine was the new “it” drug and Pierce County was the center of the meth universe. (Note: If you somehow missed it, I recommend picking up a

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Youth programs much better news than youth violence

If you read the Trib on Monday, one story may have ruined your day. At least a little.

I refer to the horrific stabbing incident in East Tacoma involving three teenage boys. One of them, Hector Hernandez-Valdez, 15, died after being stabbed at least 34 times. The other two, Luis Arroyo, also 16, and his brother Cristobal, 14, were arrested and recently charged with first degree murder for their role in Hernandez-Valdez’ death. Allegations point to a robbery gone awry.

The Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office – one of the nation’s best in my biased opinion –

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