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Infused cannabis: the unholy marriage of marijuana and munchies

In Colorado, marijuana is getting a makeover. For the entrepreneurs trying their hand in this newly legalized marketplace, the image of Cheech and Chong giggling behind a reeking cloud of pot smoke is no longer profitable.

Instead, their new mascot must be Willy Wonka.

How else to explain the new line of cannabis infused treats like mints, candy bars and cakes (whatever happened to plain old brownies?) being created at startups such as Denver’s Dixie Elixirs. According to Jordan Schrader’s well researched articles on Colorado’s nascent industry, this is just the first of many entrepreneurial

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Federal conviction an argument for state control of pot

When the citizens of Washington voted to legalize marijuana, it was a mandate against the status quo – street deals, organized crime, money laundering. Even for those of us who don’t use cannabis, there is every reason to find new ways to control a drug which has led to so many violent altercations involving home grown operations.

That point is best illustrated in the story of one Jeremy Capodanno, a Puyallup area man recently convicted in federal court of unlawful manufacturing of narcotics and firearms violations (Adam Lynn, TNT 1/31).

Capodanno’s conviction on Friday arose from  a

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Is drug raid a federal declaration against legalized pot?

Following the results of last November’s vote to legalize marijuana in Washington State, there has been much speculation about the federal government’s response.

With marijuana still illegal on a national level, officials from Attorney General Holder on down have been quick to reaffirm federal authority. They have also been frustratingly silent on what actions, if any, the various government agencies might take.

If actions speak louder than words, however, it appears the silent treatment is over.

On Wednesday, federal agents raided three Western Washington medical marijuana dispensaries, including a downtown Tacoma storefront operation known as Tacoma Cross (

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Marijuana opportunists risk voter outrage

I warned you about them, didn’t I?

In the heady days leading up to the passage of I-502, one of the main concerns about legalized marijuana were users who, having ignored pot prohibitions for so long, would quickly step beyond the new restrictions. While that may seem a harsh judgment, there is simply no denying that, prior to I-502’s passage, every recreational toke was a criminal act.

Now that Washingtonians can legally use marijuana, a few marijuana opportunists are busily proving that those concerns were well founded.

A recent AP article (Trib 4/4) relates that at least two taverns, one

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Former feds’ fight against legalization a wasted effort

With all the sound and fury eight former DEA bosses are stirring up over marijuana, you would think that recent legalization measures passed in Washington and Colorado are the first sign of the apocalypse.

In an AP article (Trib 3/5) replete with infomercial appeal, “the onetime DEA heads issued a joint statement” (pot humor is mandatory in these articles) that the Justice Department should “act now or else it will be too late.”

Too late for what? Too late for the cartels who profit from illegal drugs? Too late for the war on drugs which is bankrupting our

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Medical marijuana a hard sell to banks – an easy sell to recreational users

In the last couple of years dispensing medical mariajuana has moved out of dark alleys and into storefronts. As scientific research confirms its benefits, public perception appears to be warming up to the idea of cannabis as legitimate medication. In the near future this progress could lead to a stable industry that provides a secure source of a legitimate prescription medicine.

If only recreational pot users would stop sabotaging the program.

Medical marijuana remains a chaotic business model in large part because of the legalization advocates themselves. These folks  - who are vocal, if nothing else – loudly denounce the criminalization

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Legalized marijuana is closer, but not there yet

To all the jokers, smokers and midnight tokers out there, it’s safe to come outside: Initiative 1 has passed.

With 64.7% of the votes, one might even say it smoked the competition (that pun might actually be more criminal than marijuana now).

In jubilant response, a recent Trib article suggested advocates new attitude could best be summarized as ”Ladies and gentlemen, start your bongs.”

Sherry Bockwinkel, one of the measure’s co-petitioner’s, was thus quoted, “Lowest enforcement means lowest enforcement. That means no arrests for marijuana possession under 40 grams, period.”

Not so fast.

True, this vote is a

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