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The ephemeral quality of leadership

Since I began writing this blog some 18 months ago, I have become a cover-to-cover news junkie. I look for stories that capture my attention, especially those which have a common thread. When I find such articles, ones with a tangible connection to an intriguing theme, it becomes a column.

Case in point are three unlikely recent samplings from the News Tribune: the latest on the Petraeus scandal; a “Dilbert” comic poking fun at managers; an article about a Gig Harbor police sergeant currently suing her department for harassment.

The nexus which connects these three disparate topics is leadership, a

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Lack of leadership may be the Service’s secret

Back in 1996 I had an opportunity to work alongside the U.S. Secret Service’s presidential security detail. Bill Clinton was scheduled to speak at the T-dome and a “jump team” flew out to brief the police officers assigned to assist. My partner, a young agent with the Secret Service, and I spent hours on our feet facing out towards any possible threat.

Despite my impression that the event was an exercise in organized chaos, Clinton’s appearance went off without a hitch. After a stressful day, the presidential detail and the local cops shared some good times before they caught a

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