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Trooper’s killer a stereotype for hatred, cowardice

Last Thursday in Gorst, forensic experts arrived to process an early morning homicide. They set up a logic-driven crime scene, incorporating technology and methods unknown even a few years ago. When pieced together, these efforts will give investigators an inside look at the death of Washington State Patrol Trooper Tony Radulescu.

And none of it will make any sense.

The answers such tests will provide – the whens, whats and hows – are important, make no mistake. The information provided by photographs and tire imprints, from detailed interviews and follow-up calls, and from all the high-tech tools and forensic analysis

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Grieving the loss of a cop and mother – a shattered beginning to 2012

Never did I think it would come this quickly.

When writing the last column of 2011, wherein I juxtaposed the nationwide decline in crime versus the sharp increase in violent cop-killing, I never would have imagined that one of the first headlines of the new year would read: “Mount Rainier ranger slain; killer escapes into woods”.

National Park Service Ranger Margaret Anderson, a federal law enforcement officer working at Mount Rainier National Park, was gunned down New Year’s Day by a subject already sought in an earlier shooting that left four

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