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Innocent? Sandusky only fooling himself

“It was a conspiracy…I didn’t have time to prepare for trial…I’m not a monster.” You have to hand it to Jerry Sandusky – he’s sticking to his story. The question is why.

On Tuesday, Sandusky was sentenced in Centre County Superior Court to 30-60 years, a de facto life sentence (Trib 10/10) that followed his conviction on 45 counts of various sex crimes against young boys while an assistant football coach at Penn State.

Sandusky’s conviction was based on years of documented allegations as well as the appearance of several victims and an eye witness, all of whom

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Two witnesses to sexual assault, two opposite reactions

Two incidents, separated by time and distance, were reported in last week’s news. Despite the months and miles that separate one from the other, the connection between these disturbing stories says much about human reaction to violence.

The first was an AP report about a Texas rancher who allegedly came upon a man molesting the rancher’s 4 year old daughter. The second story was a Trib update update on the trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach on trial for 52 counts of sexual assault.

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Rights of victims are a low priority

Consider the following news headline: “Mother loses court battle – accused serial molester will have access to kids”

How about this one: “Visitation granted to man after court advised of sexually deviant images on his computer”

Or even: “Defeat of HB 2588 a signal that accused have more rights than future victims”

I’ll admit it - these headlines are fiction. However, they do represent another possible spin on recent events. These examples are alternate versions that, instead of highlighting individuals arrested for crimes focus on the safety and the rights of their victims.

The mother in the first example is Jill Thomas, Jerry Sandusky’s daughter-in-law. Thomas’

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Sandusky puts classic spin on pedophile story

Jerry Sandusky was given a prime-time opportunity to set the record straight. And so he did.

In response to Bob Costas’ very blunt and provocative questions about his alleged crimes against numerous young boys, Sandusky talked. And talked. In a Monday night NBC interview, wherein Sandusky made a creepy attempt to reframe his actions, he also made several damning statements.

The first of these missteps was in reference to a graduate assistant’s assertion that he witnessed Sandusky raping a young boy. In downplaying the action as ”horseplay” he not only confirmed that the incident–albeit minus a confession of rape–actually occurred, but also opened up a

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