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Recent killings have an invisible link: domestic violence

“Some men you just can’t reach.” An excerpt from “Cool Hand Luke”

In past columns I have made the case that some criminals could have been steered away from crime had the mental health system not been dismantled. For all the money we spend incarcerating the mentally ill, not to mention drug addicts, there is certainly an argument that money could be better spent on preventive and long term care for these unfortunate souls.

But when the crime involves domestic violence, I make no such case. I have no pity for criminals who prey on their own family, who physically assault

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Thursday’s front page a case study in wrong impressions

“We all see only that which we are trained to see.” Robert Anton Wilson

Today’s print edition of the Trib carries two similar stories on its front page. The first, spread over the entire width of the page, describes the memorial service for Chance, a Puyallup Police Department K9 that died during a recent medical procedure. The second, which takes up about a third of the space underneath, is a lead for a Page 3 tribute to 2nd Lt Travis Morgada, a 25 year old Army officer killed during

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Memorial Day is vital for our country’s conscience

Much has been written on the disconnect between mainstream America and the active duty military personnel who have been waging a two-front war for almost ten years. The growing indifference of the former and the continued sacrifices of the latter requires bearing in mind, especially on this Memorial Day.

In a few short months we will be celebrating, or rather mourning, the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack that sparked our nation’s most recent conflicts. Professional soldiers, sailors and airmen have spent the intervening years in an almost constant state of deployment. As a result one more generation in

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