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Putting a purple perspective on global events

After a quick scan of the paper over the last week there can be only one conclusion – we live in amazing times.

If you’re into extreme theoretical physics (or just a follower of “The Big Bang Theory”) then you would have been struck by news out of CERN, a world reknown physics lab in Switzerland. This uber geek think tank has taken on the arrogant and daunting challenge of disproving Einstein’s theory that the speed of light is our universal and absolute speed limit. After blasting their neutrinos from Geneva to Italy, physicists are almost

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Dawgs making it easy to wear the W

Collegiate sports may be fought in the turf or on the floorboards, but the competition also rages in one unexpected place: the office.

In just about any business setting, whether in the cozy corner offices of corporate officials or the fuzzy-walled world of government cubicles, you will find the logo of many proud alma maters.

And right now the UW banners are hanging high.

If you’ll pardon the smug and self-serving props to the Dawg’s, it can not be denied that their stellar record (5-1 in Pac 12 play) has far exceeded expectations in this first season of the post-Jake

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