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Federal conviction an argument for state control of pot

When the citizens of Washington voted to legalize marijuana, it was a mandate against the status quo – street deals, organized crime, money laundering. Even for those of us who don’t use cannabis, there is every reason to find new ways to control a drug which has led to so many violent altercations involving home grown operations.

That point is best illustrated in the story of one Jeremy Capodanno, a Puyallup area man recently convicted in federal court of unlawful manufacturing of narcotics and firearms violations (Adam Lynn, TNT 1/31).

Capodanno’s conviction on Friday arose from  a

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Forgotten paperwork and an unforgettable crime

What happened to Lawrence Howse was an unspeakable tragedy. In the confines of his enclosed parking garage, he was robbed at gunpoint, and when he refused to remove his pants for the amusement of his two assailants, he was executed in cold blood.

Updates on the investigation have been front page news since the murder last month. That includes the recent arrest of two men in connection with the killing, whose faces appeared on page one of Saturday’s TNT. This is not a sensational ploy to sell papers – the public deserves to know that the police department and prosecutor’s

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Current marijuana statute lacks clarity, adds danger

The woman was a mess. Because she was shaking and crying so hard, she was barely coherent enough to answer questions about the events of the last hour. And it had been a pretty nasty one.

As the details finally emerged, I learned that four armed men had entered her residence and threatened harm to the woman and her sleeping children. They took cash, property and, she added almost as an afterthought, her marijuana. Specifically, they had taken her medicinal marijuana grow operation, about fifteen plants in all. It soon became plain that the home invasion had occurred because the

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