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Medical marijuana a hard sell to banks – an easy sell to recreational users

In the last couple of years dispensing medical mariajuana has moved out of dark alleys and into storefronts. As scientific research confirms its benefits, public perception appears to be warming up to the idea of cannabis as legitimate medication. In the near future this progress could lead to a stable industry that provides a secure source of a legitimate prescription medicine.

If only recreational pot users would stop sabotaging the program.

Medical marijuana remains a chaotic business model in large part because of the legalization advocates themselves. These folks  - who are vocal, if nothing else – loudly denounce the criminalization

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Turning off the Internet pimp engines

Last Thursday, with a flourish of her pen, Governor Gregoire finally confronted the malignant growth of sex trafficking. It’s about time.

Most notably, the Governor’s signature places culpability on the Internet companies that have been unwilling to eradicate the presence of human trafficking from their sites (Trib 3/29).

It has been at least three years since this crime has become a repititive topic of conversation at the regional gang meetings I attend. Since then I have been briefed on numerous prostitution investigations involving young girls, most of whom where under the age of 18,

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New state law protects the wrong element

In a surprise move our state legislature did succeed in passing a gang bill during this session. The only problem is that it’s the wrong one.

Unlike the failed HB 1126, which would have disrupted gang activity through injunctions, Senate Bill 5242 will now be a tool for outlaw motorcycle groups to circumvent our state traffic laws. This measure has passed through our legislature, been signed by the governor and been added to RCW 43.101 as of April 13.

The bill was written because our state officials agree that law enforcement officers have been unfairly profiling motorcycle riders, and enough is enough. After some focused thought on the matter, my best attempt at an eloquent response is, “Huh?”

If police officers have shown any special interest in targeting motorcyclists for extra enforcement, then that would be news to me.  Along with many of my fellow police officers, I am a motorcycle rider and enthusiast. About the only consistent comment I hear when police officers contact riders is, “Nice bike.”

Nevertheless, I am pretty sure I know who sold our lawmakers on this fiction—the aforementioned outlaw motorcycle groups. These are not your “Wild Hogs,” as portrayed by John Travolta and his crew. These are clubs such as the Bandidos and Hell’s Angels that, like our local criminal street gang the Hilltop Crips, have been identified as a criminal organization. Like the Crips, the outlaw clubs have been the target of federal investigations as a result of narcotics trafficking and violence. Gangs and outlaw clubs share a similar mindset, as evidenced by the typical Facebook page of a local Bandido who described one of his interests as “taking care of snitches.” Unlike the Crips, the outlaw motorcycle clubs have some Hollywood cache and an excellent P.R. machine.

Back to the new state law.

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