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Catching dangerous criminals: fiction vs. reality

After a busy week, Hollywood knows that the last thing the average weekend moviegoer wants is a brain teaser. That’s why police thrillers usually pull the audience directly into the story, letting us ride shotgun with the bad guys as well as the cops.

The dialogue is spoonfed and the action slams us on the head in high definition and Dolby stereo. By the time the police finally roll up, the only question remaining is how quickly the cops will figure it all out.

That’s not how it works in real life, of course.

When an actual shooting occurs, real

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Spending the anti-gang dollar: cops or programs?

Away from his colors, his homies, and his neighborhood, the gang-banger in the backseat of my patrol car was pleasant enough. He talked quietly, then leaned forward to take the weight off his handcuffs and just watched the clouds roll by.

Despite that, you could tell he was nervous. Having just turned eighteen, he was anticipating the criminal element’s version of the manhood ritual, adult jail, and his anxiety was easily understood.

So I spared the kid–I mean adult–the usual lecture. After all, he was a veteran of drive-by shootings, both as (alleged) triggerman and victim, had the blessings of the gang’s shot-caller, and walked the streets with a swagger that, if I were to replicate it, would likely pull several muscles. For all of that, he was just beginning to realize that his increased speed on the road to being a badass would only make the final stop come more rapidly and explosively.

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