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Expensive study unnecessary to answer gang question

The long-anticipated answer has finally arrived, and now it is official: Tacoma has a gang problem.

It seems obvious at this point that the Tacoma City Council’s decision to spend $50,000 on a study to determine the extent of the gang problem was a bad idea. At best it was a well-intentioned exercise in redundancy. Let’s look at some of the results:

  • Gangs infest more than half the city
  • Gangsters sell drugs and use guns for violent crime
  • Youths are recruited into gangs in middle school

If the authors of the full 316-page report, Missouri-based Executive Interface, LLC,

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Father’s Day not a special one for your basic gang-banger

I hate watching weepy TV talk shows. It seems like everyone famous, infamous or suddenly in the public’s face has a story of woe to explain why they behaved like an absolute jerk. Like most people, I get annoyed when others don’t seem to take personal responsibility and own their actions.

We all have problems, right? Why can’t they just man up? What I have learned, both as a father and a cop, is that some men don’t know how to man up because they were never taught how to be a man.

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