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Rescuers are case study in courage, compassion

The cloud was orange. It lifted above the cranes and smokestacks, a giant toxic mushroom lit from within by the industrial halogen beams emanating from the Port of Tacoma’s sprawling terminals.

The location of the spill itself was hidden inside the opaque orange mass settling gently over a large portion of the rail yard. As I headed towards the site, I passed a stream of semis and smaller trucks moving steadily away. I also passed several groups of Tacoma firefighters, all of them donning HAZMAT suits alongside their fire trucks. A lone firefighter wearing an oxygen mask waved my patrol car along, past

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Are Detroit’s retired first responders too small to save?

As the stock market continues to fill the pockets of hedge fund managers and CEO’s, the echoes of 2008 are fading from memory. The litany of “too big to fail,” it would seem, has served its purpose.

Two of the few legitimate successes from the TARP bailout are Detroit’s General Motors and Chrysler, both of which have repaid their respective loans of $13.4 and $4 billion and survived the Great Recession intact.

How ironic that the Motor City, which nurtured these economic giants throughout much of the last century, has itself failed.

Last Tuesday in federal court, Judge Steven W.

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A city defeats terrorism by being “Boston strong”

Even before the smoke from Boston’s twin blasts had cleared, a large number of people were running the wrong direction. Instead of racing away from two deadly concussions towards safety, they ran into the smoke.

This is the type of selfless courage for which first responders are known. It is not, however, the type of behavior one expects from random civilians when a tragic event occurs.

But that is surely what happened last Monday when an improvised explosive device lit off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. As police and firefighters ran towards the carnage, they were joined

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