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A badge is a burden, not a backstage pass

When friends ask me about my days back in uniform, I like to tell them that being a cop is like having the ultimate backstage pass. Everywhere you go, doors open, and people beckon you in.

It can be an empowering career, but for those who don’t accept the accountability that comes with the job, it can be a short one.

A recent TNT story about a Federal Way police officer is a classic example (TNT 8/8). The article described the officer’s recent resignation amidst allegations of inappropriate interactions with a woman previously arrested for

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Lack of big police stories not a real problem

Most days I slug my coffee and sift through the paper. Most days said paper is chock full of stories that roll right into my wheelhouse. Not so much lately.

On any given day, the Trib’s A section is filled with articles that have at least a tangential connection to the police profession: national crime news, public safety budgets, local police stories, or controversial drug arrests. The shortage may not bode well for a column that feeds off such events, but it may say good things about our community’s overall health. Or not.

A perusal of today’s stories include the

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