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Fast and Furious = Desperate and Political

About a year ago my partner at work got an urgent call from one of our informants. His gang, he said, was getting ready to do a drive-by shooting.

The informant was a young gang member who agreed to help us in order to work off a previous arrest. He was no stranger to this type of crime, and his gang had been rumored to be looking for an opportunity to retaliate against its rivals for whatever passed for transgressions in their world.

We took the call seriously, especially when he told us the other members were currently shopping for guns. We got set up quickly.

With the informant’s help we orchestrated the gun purchase to take place at a known illegal arms dealer’s house. We had surveillance teams in place for the entire duration, and fortunately it went well. The bad guys went to jail. The guns, two semi-auto pistols, went with us.

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