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Cops who violate our trust should be held to higher standard

Remorse: Moral anguish arising from repentance for past misdeeds.

With every crime there is always the chance of getting caught. Even the least imaginative individual is capable of understanding the potential fallout of arrest, including a trial and incarceration. Police officers know better than anyone what is in store for someone tapped by the long arm of the law.

Skeeter Manos, ex-Lakewood cop and newly convicted felon, would have known exactly what awaited him if his embezzlement were uncovered. Given his lavish lifestyle, including big ticket purchases, gambling and vacations, Manos should have assumed his arrest would be

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Manos’ alleged crime is a bitter betrayal

In early December of 2009, about a week after four police officers were killed, I worked a shift in Lakewood. Like many other cops, I had shown up to support my shell-shocked colleagues and to allow them some time off to grieve. In reality, we all were drawn to the Lakewood station by our need to make sense of the tragedy, to talk through the hurt, and to begin the healing process among friends and colleagues.

Between calls for service we spent most of the day outside the station, mingling with a large crowd of people who, like us, were

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