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Fighting elder abuse means defending the defenseless

A neighbor had been hearing the elderly woman next door for weeks, screaming “Help me!” Not wanting to get involved, the neighbor did nothing. Finally, the incessant pleas overcame his lack of concern and he called the police.

Officers from my department arrived to investigate and soon uncovered an ugly truth. The elderly woman had been living a nightmare in which her caregiver had been assaulting and raping her for a period of months if not years.

What a hellish existence it must be when the only person you can turn to for help is your tormentor.

Abuse of the elderly, the infirm and disabled has been getting a lot of attention lately. Because this criminal activity is rarely seen in public, much less reported (as evidenced by the above recent incident), so the current discussion in prosecutor’s offices and news agencies can only help to educate people on the plight of victims who have no means to defend themselves.

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