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Fast and Furious scandal is much ado about the wrong thing

There is simply no denying that the import-export strategy adopted by Mexico’s uber violent drug cartels (and supported by gangs and assorted criminals in the U.S.) is a recession proof business model: Drugs flow north – guns flow south.

The vast fortunes generated by drug sales have created an alternate reality in Mexico, where a war is being fought against the naked greed of drug trafficking organizations (DTOs). The human cost is staggering: according to an LA Times report 34,000 people have died in the five years since military operations began targeting DTOs.

That statistic fails to account for the bloodthirsty

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Mass murders make big news, unless it’s Mexico

There is something not right about the media’s coverage of violence on this planet.

Serial killers such as Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway received sensational coverage during their killing sprees, the lengthy manhunts and the subsequent trials. Years later the stories of their crimes continue to garner news coverage, while the names of their victims (there were allegedly 30 and 71  respectively) pass into oblivion.

This past summer a lunatic named Breivik captured global attention when he gunned down and blew up a total of 77 people (not including scores who were grievously injured). The story held our fascination, both

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The Country of Gotham

This is the second in a 2-part series on vigilantes.

In the shadow of buildings or under dark roadways, bodies are tossed in heaps like so much garbage. This is the gruesome landscape of a violence-plagued Mexico, a country enduring a years-old civil war waged on many fronts: Drug cartels vs. the government; drug cartel vs. drug cartel; the government vs. corrupt government officials.

But this latest discovery of stacked corpses was apparently the work of a new player on the scene. Vigilantes have entered the war.

According to a disturbing Wall Street Journal story those responsible for

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