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Lance just another hero knocked off the pedestal

If ignorance is bliss then the “60 Minutes” film studio must be the least blissful place on Earth.

Over the the last 44 years the iconic news show has uncovered more dirt than John Deere’s tractors, but in so doing it has scratched the luster of many well-known and respected individuals. Greg Mortenson recently got the treatment. He’s the author of “Three Cups of Tea” and the founder of the now-famous nonprofit that built girls schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Or maybe he didn’t, according to the show.

That was hard enough to take, but last week’s show was a shot across the bow for many of us who dared to believe in miracles. That particular show targeted Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, seven-time winner of the Tour de France, philanthropist, founder of the Livestrong cancer foundation, toast of Texas and inspiration to legions of fans worldwide. Me included.

What years of hearsay, scores of French journalists, and thousands of tests failed to prove–that Lance Armstrong used outlawed performance enhancement drugs and blood-doping to cheat in his sport–seemed a bitter fact at the conclusion of this incisive yet cursed episode. Tyler Hamilton’s first hand account, following a grand jury subpoena, had the solid ring of truth.

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