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Firearms and domestic violence are a fatal mixture

Guns, guns, guns. It’s difficult to turn on the news or scan the headlines of the morning paper without coming across yet another tangential argument about guns in our society.

Well, here’s one more.

It starts out with a very welcome bit of news from a 2010 Department of Justice report which states that violent crime, on the decline for years, has reached a 40 year low. Good news for sure, even if experts cannot seem to agree on the reason.

But it’s not all good news. According to Kelly Star, a member of the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic

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Keep memory of Crystal Judson, other DV victims, alive

In 2003, David Brame killed his wife, Crystal Judson, in a parking lot before turning the gun on himself. The murder-suicide sent shock waves far beyond Tacoma, the city Brame served as its Chief of Police.

A decade later Brame’s specter continues to haunt the city.

Sean Robinson’s critical analysis of the events leading up to Brame’s crime (Trib 4/21) provides answers to the “who knew what and when” line of questioning. What is now clear, after ten years’ worth of hindsight, is that David Brame was a deeply disturbed man whose final crime should have been predictable.

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