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The double-edged sword of criminal justice

“…and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” The Lord’s Prayer

When I was a boy reciting this prayer I took this particular excerpt to simply mean I should steer clear of trouble. But what if, like Pierce County deputies Montgomery and McNicol, your job is to steer straight into trouble?

As the recent Trib article relates, a Pierce County jury returned a guilty verdict on Friday for the two deputies accused of perjuring themselves in March 2010. Fortunately, this shameful scene is a rare event. But when it happens it is painful to watch, especially for those of us in the same profession.

The criminal justice system in which we work is an imperfect format. Cops (myself included) often criticize the process for its loopholes, limitations and one-size fits all approach. In most instances, however, we are there to see the system work well (or at least well enough).

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