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Answering the SPD question

Over the last few weeks several people have asked me pointed questions about what they perceive as a disturbing phenomenon in Seattle. The issue they were pondering was what, exactly, is going on with the Seattle Police Department.

In the last year or more SPD has been the target of an ongoing series of allegations involving excessive force and unprofessional behavior by rank and file officers. These incidents, most of which have been captured by cell phone video cameras, have drawn the attention of department critics, the media, and more recently, federal investigators at the Department of Justice.

These factors

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2011 a great year for crime stats, with one ugly exception

Closing out a year would not be complete without the traditional avalanche of news articles that attempt to wrap up our collective yearly experiences into a nifty little gift bag. Sucker that I am for tradition, I spent much of the waning hours of 2011 reflecting on the trends and stats of our most recent spin around the sun.

And I found a paradox.

An insightful column in the Trib, written by the Washington Post’s Charles Lane, highlights the national crime rate’s plunge over the last 20 years. I appreciated his nod to this phenomenon, both for the rare bit

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