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Lawsuits against DOC increase our vulnerability to dangerous felons

When a heinous crime occurs, a compassionate community is one that quickly steps in to help victims and their family members. Paramedics, nurses and doctors provide medical aid; police and prosecutors arrest and charge those responsible; neighbors and friends rush in to provide comfort.

But what if the victims or the family members decide that the community at large is responsible for the crime itself?

That question is at the center of a lawsuit filed against the Department of Corrections on behalf of the juvenile son of Jim Sanders, killed during a 2010 home invasion robbery dubbed the Craigslist Murder.

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Five ideas for public safety in 2013

Now that most people have wandered back home after the holidays, it’s time to crank up the new year.

We mark this transition with appropriate hopes, resolutions and predictions. In keeping with tradition, I’ve put together a list of what I consider the top five public safety priorities this year. These are issues that contribute to the violence, theft and a rate of incarceration that has failed to diminish crime while it drains our wallets.

5 Public Safety Ideas for 2013 (in no particular order)

Gun buy-back: For all of the talking points tossed

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Police standoffs are disruptive – alternative is much worse

I was a cold, wet, hungry and tired rookie cop the night of my first standoff. I got the initial call, a domestic dispute, at 2AM, which was immediately upgraded when someone cranked off a few rounds. I flipped on the lights and sirens, floored the gas and was there in a couple of minutes.

I was the first on scene and, rather than knock on the door, I stopped and took cover. That’s when the mistakes started. First, I pulled directly in front of the house. Way too close, I realized and ran to the rear of my car and

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Continued violence demands legislative solutions

If you’ve been keeping up on news in the Puget Sound area you already know that 2012 has been a violent year. In January a park ranger, Margaret Anderson, was shot and killed at Mount Rainier National Park. In early February our region garnered unwanted national attention due to the domestic violence homicide of two small boys by the now infamous Josh Powell. Just last week we lost another police officer, State Patrol Trooper Tony Radulescu, at the hands of a meth-crazed criminal.

Violent crime remains a critical issue. The question is, what are we doing about it?

One hurdle

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Trooper’s killer a stereotype for hatred, cowardice

Last Thursday in Gorst, forensic experts arrived to process an early morning homicide. They set up a logic-driven crime scene, incorporating technology and methods unknown even a few years ago. When pieced together, these efforts will give investigators an inside look at the death of Washington State Patrol Trooper Tony Radulescu.

And none of it will make any sense.

The answers such tests will provide – the whens, whats and hows – are important, make no mistake. The information provided by photographs and tire imprints, from detailed interviews and follow-up calls, and from all the high-tech tools and forensic analysis

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