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Gang ties will feature in NFL star’s murder investigation

Like O.J. Simpson before him, Aaron Hernandez has joined an elite club of superstar athletes whose fall from grace may be as steep as the rise.

The rising NFL superstar’s arrest this week came in the course of an investigation into the murder of Odin Lloyd, Hernandez’ friend and semi-pro athlete (TNT 6/26). Hernandez’ perp walk, captured on film by a horde of journalists, was reminiscent of another NFL star’s high profile arrest in 1994 (minus the infamous Bronco chase scene). But where The Juice was a retired sports superstar, successful actor and household name, Hernandez, 23,

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Modern day anarchists short on message, long on destruction

Over the last several hundred years, while repressive monarchs, dictators and fascist governments terrorized their citizens, anarchists were often the lone voice demanding change. It is not hard to picture them as folk heroes, especially when their foes were communists in the Soviet Union or the Nazis in Germany.

Fast forward to the present, from the WTO riots in 1999 to the Mayday debacle last Tuesday, and one is left with the inescapable conclusion: Anarchy ain’t what it used to be.

The modern day anarchist presents the image of a jack-booted thug, dressed in

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Turning off the Internet pimp engines

Last Thursday, with a flourish of her pen, Governor Gregoire finally confronted the malignant growth of sex trafficking. It’s about time.

Most notably, the Governor’s signature places culpability on the Internet companies that have been unwilling to eradicate the presence of human trafficking from their sites (Trib 3/29).

It has been at least three years since this crime has become a repititive topic of conversation at the regional gang meetings I attend. Since then I have been briefed on numerous prostitution investigations involving young girls, most of whom where under the age of 18,

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Expensive study unnecessary to answer gang question

The long-anticipated answer has finally arrived, and now it is official: Tacoma has a gang problem.

It seems obvious at this point that the Tacoma City Council’s decision to spend $50,000 on a study to determine the extent of the gang problem was a bad idea. At best it was a well-intentioned exercise in redundancy. Let’s look at some of the results:

  • Gangs infest more than half the city
  • Gangsters sell drugs and use guns for violent crime
  • Youths are recruited into gangs in middle school

If the authors of the full 316-page report, Missouri-based Executive Interface, LLC,

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