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Puracal conviction is a verdict against U.S.

Jason Puracal is in a rough spot.

The Tacoma native, who was recently convicted in a Nicaraguan court of drug trafficking and money laundering, is either the fall-guy for the U.S. and its decades of intrigue against the Sandinistas, or else he is a very lousy and unlucky criminal.

At the moment, given the desperate nature of his situation, the reason hardly seems to matter.

Currently, Puracal is living in a tiny cell inhabited by other poor unfortunate souls, scores of rats, and what has been described as some very aggressive sex offenders. Few crimes, if indeed he committed any, warrant this type of inhumane circumstances. And if the reports of such conditions are true then the Nicaraguans are miles away from declaring their country the socialist paradise the Sandinistas claim it to be.

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