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Governor’s blanket reprieve a debatable decision

Back in my teen years a friend brought over a VHS tape with the invitingly lurid title, “Faces of Death.” The video was a compilation of footage depicting the various and inhuman ways we humans kill one another. Being young and curious, we watched it.

Though images from that video still haunt me, the scene that cost me the most sleep was an execution. I can still picture the electric chair and the way the man’s limbs flex as the jolts from ol’ Sparky hit him. Drool spills from his mouth, every muscle spasms and blood seeps out beneath the

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Clemency is a slap in the face of justice

Mercy is a noble sentiment and a reflection of our American principles. In the legal realm the concept of clemency is a practice that predated our colonies and was a power utilized by heads of state and royal appointees. These government pardons could either correct the errors of corrupt courts or (for profit) corrupt the results of righteous courts. Somehow, the practice of clemency has lasted until the present day when the governors of some 40 of our 50 states wield the power of the pardon.

That authority was recently exercised by Haley Barbour, the former governor of Mississippi, when

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