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Two witnesses to sexual assault, two opposite reactions

Two incidents, separated by time and distance, were reported in last week’s news. Despite the months and miles that separate one from the other, the connection between these disturbing stories says much about human reaction to violence.

The first was an AP report about a Texas rancher who allegedly came upon a man molesting the rancher’s 4 year old daughter. The second story was a Trib update update on the trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach on trial for 52 counts of sexual assault.

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Systemic problems in sex offender registration and oversight

2nd in a series on sex offenders.

A few years back I signed up to coach my son’s little league team. Not so fast, I was told; first fill out the mandatory criminal background check. My thoughts were on pitching skills, practice times and getting parent volunteers, but first the league needed to know I was not a sex offender.

Many people take exception to the huge amount of bureaucracy and privacy issues that has insinuated its way into our lives, courtesy of sex offender legislation. I had a different perspective, partly based on my experiences investigating sex crimes and

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Dealing with the predators among us

First in a series on sex offenders.

After several knocks on the front door, a lean man in his 20s opened it and squinted at us through thick glasses.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“It’s the police.” My partner answered.

The man shrugged, sighed and opened the door. We walked past him into the stale-smelling studio unit and saw a young lady sitting on a sofa with a small child on her lap. I looked down at the sex offender bulletin in my hand. Front and center was a picture of the now very guilty looking man with glasses. I

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