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Guilty verdict takes a cold-blooded killer off the street

At age 16, Kimmie Daily had debilitating physical disabilities and the cognitive skills of a ten-year-old. She was an innocent.

On August 17, 2010, in one of the most reprehensible crimes this area has seen in years, Daily was raped and murdered. Last Tuesday, barely a week before Christmas, a Pierce County jury convicted Tyler Savage of Murder first degree in Daily’s death (TNT 12/17).

As Christmas tales go, the details brought up during Savage’s trial are reminiscent of the biblical story of the male infants put to the sword by a superstitious and jealous King Herod.

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911 should be a conduit not a disconnect

Getting emergency help is supposed to be simple. When you need to get hold of the police, medical aid or the fire department all you need to do is dial three numbers – 911 – and the appropriate responders will be there right away. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Maybe in a perfect world.

If anyone were under the illusion that a call to 911 would be a simple matter, the recent spinoff story from Josh Powell’s murder-suicide should clear up that misconception. The mishandled 911 call, discussed in a 2/11 Trib article, has

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Any version of Casey Anthony’s story leaves Caylee as victim

The most salacious of recent homicide trials, and a true guilty pleasure for over a million Americans, has concluded with an acquittal for Casey Anthony.

But does that mean she didn’t kill her daughter? Of course not.

Nor does it mean that our criminal justice system, as some have already stated, is flawed. Our court system has had its ups and downs through the course of our ongoing experiment in democracy, but it is still a humane and professional method for adjudicating right and wrong.

What the acquittal in the Anthony case does mean is that the prosecution failed to connect all the dots–motive, weapon, method, physical evidence, and testimony– in order to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Anthony killed her 2 year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008. It is entirely plausible that proof beyond a reasonable doubt was simply beyond the means of this investigation, though the evidence did appear to be overwhelming…circumstantial, but overwhelming.

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