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Three years later, a blue wrap-up

In 1988 I was a big fan of the cop drama, Hill Street Blues. It was a brilliantly poignant show that myself and many of my academy classmates credited for driving our decision to become police officers. Fast forward to April 2011, and that career choice spurred a new gig as a News Tribune blogger.

Hard to believe it’s been over three years since I first started writing Blue Byline. Back then I was a cop with a penchant for writing hackneyed diatribes, small 600 word missives forever destined to change the way TNT readers viewed the world of law

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Choir practice

A few months ago I was in my editor’s office shooting the breeze. We were having a lively discussion about some of the topics I had raised in this column, as well as some of the ideas I had for the future. After I finally exhausted all the possibilities, he gave me a frank look.

“You know,” he said, “you don’t always have to write about police work.”

“Sure,” I said, though I didn’t really mean it.

The reason for my lip service was simple. Though I have been writing in some capacity for The News Tribune and The Peninsula

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Happy Mother’s Day

I was checking the reader comments a few days ago when I came across one that was such a positive, sweet-filled bit of praise that for a moment I felt buoyant. It was a feeling not unlike the constant sense of lift one gets – or at least should get – from the loving presence of a mother.

Then I saw who wrote this particular comment. It was my mom.

On this glorious and sun-filled Mother’s Day, I am foregoing the period of hours I usually spend hatching another blog. Instead, like most people fortunate enough to have a wonderful mother

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First dispatch

About a year ago I got an email from Kim Bradford, one of The News Tribune’s editorial page writers. I had done a couple of stints as a guest columnist and she was wondering would I be interested in writing a blog for the editorial pages.

Sure, I told her. But first a question: what’s a blog?

A year later I have written a number of blogs for the paper, some of which made the cut to the print edition. Most of these contributions arose from my experiences as a local police officer. Because I have spent most of the

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