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A badge is a burden, not a backstage pass

When friends ask me about my days back in uniform, I like to tell them that being a cop is like having the ultimate backstage pass. Everywhere you go, doors open, and people beckon you in.

It can be an empowering career, but for those who don’t accept the accountability that comes with the job, it can be a short one.

A recent TNT story about a Federal Way police officer is a classic example (TNT 8/8). The article described the officer’s recent resignation amidst allegations of inappropriate interactions with a woman previously arrested for

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About last week…

When the sun came out last week, I was sifting through several interesting news stories for a topic. Let’s just say I got distracted. Now that I’m somewhat back on track, let’s take a look at a few.


Early in the week we learned that  an Italian court had ordered Amanda Knox’ murder case reopened (Trib 3/26). Though not unexpected, the judicial quicksand into which Knox stepped after being implicated in the death of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, continues to tug on her. More than anything, the court’s recent decision highlights two major differences

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A little good news from the beat

Sometimes scanning the news can be a real drag. Trauma, death and scandal seem to be the only competitors for the front page, leaving us to continually wonder why the big news is usually bad news.

It is a disturbing question that may say less about the media and more about us, the media consumers.

That fact is especially true if your daily bread is criminal justice. Incidents involving the police or the actions of specific officers are the type of news stories that usually land a spot on the front page and fester there for days.

So when three

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