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Trying out a novel idea

About eleven years ago I submitted my first guest column to the TNT. The topic was my short tenure as a stay-at-home dad, a guy trapped in a world built for mommies. The piece was lightly humorous at best, but at least it provided some return on my dusty ol’ English degree.

Back then my writing was low brow – I had a penchant for words like “gazillion” and “wedgie” – and my prose demonstrated little appreciation for the subtleties of writing.

Now, like many people who dive into a new profession, I am still probing the vast depths of

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Our fallen warriors changed the world

From the War of Independence to the War on Terror, the American military has stood its ground against all-comers, from dictators and enemy alliances, to rogue states and a patchwork of radical jihadists.

With headstones continuing to multiply at Arlington National Cemetery, the country celebrates yet another somber Memorial Day. Flags fly amidst the smoke from backyard barbecues on this day when we reflect on the the legions of American soldiers, sailors and airmen who died in battlefields scattered across the globe.

Though we are often too self absorbed to notice the constant uptick in fatalities after a decade of war, we

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Foot chases, back in the day

Plenty of things have changed in the twenty-five years since I first walked through the doors of the police academy. I’m older, of course, and hopefully a bit wiser.

But my footspeed is, well, let’s just say it ain’t what it used to be.

Being on the downhill slope to fifty will do that to a person, as will an accumulation of injuries from sports played well past an “athlete’s” expiration. At least that’s what my orthopedic surgeon keeps telling me. Repeatedly.

But I remember when I used to be pretty fast.

When a suspect turned and bolted, a spike

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Tragic Navy crash a poignant reminder of loss

My best friend in college, Greg, was a pretty impressive guy. Besides a wicked sense of humor, he was bright, athletic and fearless. He could have done just about anything.

He chose to be a Marine Corps aviator.

Greg and I parted ways after college when he set out to fulfill that dream. He called me a couple of years later and told me he had graduated second in his flight school class. I told him I was surprised that somebody finally beat him at something.

I was actually proud of Greg’s achievement and excited to learn that his new

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Guess it really was about the bike, Lance

I was a cyclist long before I first heard the name, Lance Armstrong. Yet it was the buzz around this single-minded Texan that lured me, and thousands of others, into watching the Tour de France, the penultimate race of a sport most Americans thought of only as exercise.

As Armstrong’s trips to the podium miraculously continued, we reveled not only in his success but in the backstory: raised poor by a single mom; found a passion for cycling; diagnosed, treated and defeated aggressive cancer; began a legacy as Tour de France winner and celebrity philanthropist.

It was a story Lance

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And now for something completely different (or not)

Since 2013 started (was it only two weeks ago?), it seems I’ve already managed to anger the hordes. Turns out that where guns are involved, there is no room for a calm, much less civil, debate. Add to that marijuana. And presidential politics.

2012 was a difficult year. What with the election, the economy and all the insane violence, it’s no wonder we’re all on edge. So, before we start the new year off on the wrong foot, let’s talk about something else.

What topic? I’m open to suggestions, though I did put together a quick list. Think of these

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The prime time crime of 2012

Year end reviews are a time-honored tradition in print journalism. Looking back on the year’s crime stories may not match the feel-good quality of other reviews, but it may highlight our progress on the many challenges we have faced. And vice versa.

So, here is a laundry list of the most popular topics addressed in Blue Byline this past year (based on site visits and commentary).

January: We began the year with the steamy topic of marijuana legislation. The state legislature was under a great deal of pressure to fix the gaping, truck-sized holes in the then current statute, and

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