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Infused cannabis: the unholy marriage of marijuana and munchies

Post by Brian O'Neill on March 19, 2014 at 5:30 pm with 9 Comments »
March 19, 2014 5:30 pm

In Colorado, marijuana is getting a makeover. For the entrepreneurs trying their hand in this newly legalized marketplace, the image of Cheech and Chong giggling behind a reeking cloud of pot smoke is no longer profitable.

Instead, their new mascot must be Willy Wonka.

Cannabis infused candy bar/ courtesy
Cannabis infused candy bar/ courtesy

How else to explain the new line of cannabis infused treats like mints, candy bars and cakes (whatever happened to plain old brownies?) being created at startups such as Denver’s Dixie Elixirs. According to Jordan Schrader’s well researched articles on Colorado’s nascent industry, this is just the first of many entrepreneurial efforts to insert marijuana into mainstream products.

But are over the counter treats – here I’m thinking of Twinkies, Jolly Ranchers and the rest of the unhealthy crap most of us shoveled down as kids –  a smart delivery system for cannabis?

The answer is a definitive no.

Schrader interviewed several people eager to spread the gospel of pot, yet their views suggest a disconnect with reality. Consider one ardent businessperson who believes that people will one day view cannabis infused products in the same way wine aficionados view different vintages.

Really? Has anyone ever swallowed pot smoke for the flavor? And if it were possible, would he or she have spat out the intoxicating ingredients afterwards, as is common at wine tastings? Not likely. But if these products do go mainstream, then some version of the following conversation will be:

Salesperson: “Would you like to try the BC Bud Cola?  Or maybe a bowl of Mindblown mousse?”

Customer: “I’ve had some already, but I’m still hungry. Got any chips?”

Salesperson: “Sure, one bowl of Jalapeno Hash chips coming up.”

Sure, these products efficiently combine the two aspects of marijuana usage – getting high and getting the munchies – but a little honesty from marijuana producers would be nice.

It’s all about the high.

Which is why selling cannabis infused treats and beverages normally consumed by children is the slipperiest of slopes. By creating alternatives to smoking marijuana, these new businesses have created another, more alarming, problem. Marketing.

It is impossible to construct an advertising wall between kids and adults when the product looks exactly like, say, a Ding Dong or a Life Saver, a concept that brings to mind Joe Camel’s insidious emergence on (and raucous exit from) the advertising scene. It does not bear repeating.

Many in Colorado agree. One concerned mother who volunteers for Smart Colorado, a group that advocates against cannabis infused products, summed up, “We don’t think candy belongs combined with a psychoactive ingredient.”

She’s right. Luring in customers with candy and carbonated beverages has all the allure of a pedophile, a Pied Piper of Pot with a grin and a sucker (and who didn’t have nightmares of the Child Catcher after watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?).

Marijuana producers are not the only ones who should be listening to the concerns of groups such as Smart Colorado. Washington legislators also need to pay attention to the cannabis infused treats being peddled in the Rocky State.

On that topic, we should all just say no.

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  1. And the reefer madness continues!

    If I recall there are chocolates that have alcohol in them. Never seen a problem with them. Those who hate marijuana will always come up with more and more nonsense. It’s always, but the children! What a joke!

  2. Brian O'Neill says:

    To be clear, “those who hate marijuana” were the ones who legalized it. Can’t demonize the majority. As for those chocolates you mentioned, you’d sooner slip into a diabetic coma than get drunk.

  3. smokey984 says:

    Supporting the decriminalization of pot does not mean supporting its recreational consumption. Let’s be honest about pot’s effects on people who smoke it regularly: first it makes them dull, then apathetic, and finally stupid. With enough repeated use, recreational pot use turns intelligent, productive people into unmotivated stoners.

    That doesn’t mean it should be illegal, however. And that’s the point of this article: I am wholehearted in support of marijuana decriminalization, yet at the same time I strongly encourage people to avoid smoking it. That’s the difference between me and a police state government, by the way: I believe in your right to choose what you wish to do with your body, while the police state government would far prefer to shove a gun in your face, slap a pair of handcuffs on your wrists and throw you into the prison system which is little more than a modern-day slave labor camp that benefits corporate interests under the guise of fighting the “war on drugs.”

    Anyway you can read the rest of this great piece of thinking on you own. Enjoy!

  4. simonsjs says:

    Smokey you are highly misinformed. If you really believe it makes you dull then apathetic and finally stupid, then I have absolutely no respect for you. You are simply keeping reefer madness going.

    Millions of people use marijuana and I have yet to see one of the ones you mentioned. I have seen many people who are lazy and stupid and it has nothing to do with marijuana or alcohol or any other drug. It has to do with choices. It’s really easy to blame a substance for someones behavior but the bottom line is it’s really about each individual and the choices they make.

    This attack on marijuana and all the other drugs has to end. Quit blaming something other than the people who make choices. If all of these drugs were so bad, the entire world would be hooked but of course the vast majority are not and never will be. It’s all about choices. If it weren’t drugs, a lot of the addicts would simply be addicted to something else.

  5. simonsjs says:

    Brian, those who hate marijuana are not the ones who legalized it. For you to make such a statement is outrageous, many voted against this and those are the haters of freedom.

    As for you comment about the chocolates, just another distraction. It’s up to parents to do the parenting, it’s not up to the government to raise children. Drugs have always been around and always will be. Education is the answer, not cops breaking into homes to steal the drugs and any other valuables they think they have a right to.

    Yes people swallow the smoke for the taste, you are clearly out of touch with the people.

    As for the kids theory, the products that are packaged to the kids now are the actual problem. Do I have to remind you again of the approximately 800 people who die everyday from diabetes, most brought on by the foods they eat?

    Brian, you really need to quit with the propaganda and actually think beyond one thought. And enough with the children already. They are being exploited by big companies that make the sugar or high corn fructose that cause many more problems for kids then marijuana ever will.

  6. smokey984 says:

    simonsjs your passion for this subject it obvious and appreciated.

    If you would have noticed the link on the bottom of my post and clicked it to read the entire article from start to finish one would realize its an opinion from another person i referenced.

    Although i have never and will never use drugs, both legal and illegal, regardless of the politician, judge or group of people who have taken away the choice to use or not. I support your right and the right of others to make that choice.

    I choose to be sober and the right to make rational decisions based upon my conscience.

  7. simonsjs says:

    Smokey I assumed you agreed with the article. I do like that you believe we all have the choice but to agree that it makes one stupid is, well stupid.

  8. OK, this is really an amusing position? So do you also support the ban of Fireball, Goldschlaeger(sp?), every flavored pucker and liquer that is out there? The fact is that people want delivery of their alcohol or pot in a pleasing manner….those that drink wine do it both for the taste and the intoxicating effect of alcohol(or the mellow just a little provides)…your logic here is severely flawed in my opinion…

  9. notSpicoli says:

    Marijuana edibles do not taste like “smoke.” Some are absolutely delicious. This is not a new trend. It now seems “new” because it has moved out of the dispensaries into the Colorado commercial system and available to all adults.

    In the past, these treats have often been dispensed in ziplocks, though most now put them in a package clearly labeled as “medicine.” Under regulation, in Colorado, all edibles are required to be in child-proof packaging, labeled, and contents not visible from the outside.

    Anyone can cook and bake with cannabis butter, coconut, olive oil, using BHO extracts (very dangerous in your neighborhood) or cooking raw cannabis. So we’re back to the old question: would you prefer an unregulated, unlicensed, underground market selling high demand items like edibles, or do you want the safeguards imposed by the state laws? Keith Henson, Pierce County NORML

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