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Archives: May 2013


Where criminal justice is a misnomer

Over the years police officers listen to an endless string of complaints about poor police conduct from “dissatisfied customers.” While a tiny fraction may be justified, the vast majority of these allegations have no merit.

Too many countries, however, cannot make a similar claim. In the Middle East Egyptian police are implicated in the rapes and murderous rampages which occurred during the Arab Spring protests, while the fledgling Afghanistan force has been rocked by infiltration and fratricide since its inception. The world is filled with similar examples.

Closer to home, Mexican law enforcement has a reputation for corruption second to

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Our fallen warriors changed the world

From the War of Independence to the War on Terror, the American military has stood its ground against all-comers, from dictators and enemy alliances, to rogue states and a patchwork of radical jihadists.

With headstones continuing to multiply at Arlington National Cemetery, the country celebrates yet another somber Memorial Day. Flags fly amidst the smoke from backyard barbecues on this day when we reflect on the the legions of American soldiers, sailors and airmen who died in battlefields scattered across the globe.

Though we are often too self absorbed to notice the constant uptick in fatalities after a decade of war, we

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IRS debacle was taxpayer profiling, not partisan witch hunt

If baseball, hot dogs and apple pie represent the warm and fuzzy side of American culture, the Internal Revenue Service must be the cold, prickly side.

With all due respect to the nation’s tax collection agency, how we love to loathe it.

Consider the national outrage stemming from the IRS’ recent admission that taxpayers who made reference to terms like “tea party” and “patriot” were singled out for auditing.

Those hoping such a powerful enforcement arm of government would be mindful of taxpayers’ rights should pay attention to the agency’s indifferent response to public outcry – little more than an

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Firearms and domestic violence are a fatal mixture

Guns, guns, guns. It’s difficult to turn on the news or scan the headlines of the morning paper without coming across yet another tangential argument about guns in our society.

Well, here’s one more.

It starts out with a very welcome bit of news from a 2010 Department of Justice report which states that violent crime, on the decline for years, has reached a 40 year low. Good news for sure, even if experts cannot seem to agree on the reason.

But it’s not all good news. According to Kelly Star, a member of the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic

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When it comes to fraud, U.S. is dragging the world down

In the realm of criminal investigations, bunco is a boring afterthought.

While Hollywood delves into gritty themes like homicide and drug dealing, white collar crime continues to siphon a staggering amount of money from the U.S. economy. Every year billions of dollars are lost to crimes ranging from money laundering to ponzi schemes, from insider trading to health care fraud.

Most financial crimes go unheralded – identity theft is the exception. Instead of banks and corporations, identity theft hits victims on a visceral level.

Among the countless ways in which identity thieves target their victims, one of the most common

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May Day riot and police response: an assessment

The First Amendment got a workout in Seattle last Wednesday. So did the Seattle Police Department.

The May Day protests, billed as the annual march for immigration reform, was again infiltrated by criminals. These so-called anarchists are not the type to quote passages from Rousseau’s Englightenment or espouse true social justice, because they are too busy auditioning for an appearance in a “Jackass” movie.

Seattle has seen their kind numerous times, including the WTO protests and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Unfortunately, the Emerald City is centrally located turf for idiots who throw rocks and bottles, then dart back in to

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